95% of pawns in Montes de Piedad are recovered by their borrowers, which increase in 2009

The 95 percent of the objects pledged in the Montes de Piedad de Andalucía 

The 95 percent of the objects pledged in the Montes de Piedad de Andalucía 

Those of Unicaja, Cajasur, Cajasol, and Caja Granada – are recovered by the borrowers in a maximum period of one year, having increased the number of operations in the second semester of 2009.  

In this way, most of the customers who pledge their belongings-gold and precious stones-do so with the intention of removing the jewelry at maturity, and a large part of the remaining five percent of objects are put up for sale at auction. own will of the clients, “who want to get rid of the jewels and choose this sales system instead of selling them directly to a sale of gold,” the director of the Monte de Piedad de Cajasol, Francisco Aguilera, told Europa Press.

On the other hand, in 2009 there was an increase in the number of loans of 1.4 percent in the Andalusian mountains of piety with respect to the previous year. Thus, in the mountain of Cajasol 1,458 more loans were made, in the Caja Granada 1,800 more, and also in the Cajasur were 435 more pledges; however, Unicaja registered 1,028 loans less than in 2008.

Also, the average loan for each endeavor is 492 euros, being able to observe an evident difference between the mounts of mercy of Caja Granada, Unicaja and Cajasur with respect to the one of Cajasol, because in the first ones one works with quantities of 460, 363 and 445 euros on average respectively, while in the month of the savings bank of Western Andalusia the operations oscillate around 752 euros.


Profile of the borrower

Profile of the borrower




The generalized profile of the person who pledges, according to statements made to Europa Press by the director of the Monte de Piedad of Caja Granada, Miguel Caballero, “remains constant over time.” Thus, between 60 and 65 percent of the clients are women between 40 and 50 years old, who “in times of greatest need is the one who decides to come and pawn”. In addition, it does not have to be a person in the situation of unemployment, but simply “there is a lack of resources,” said Caballero.

Thus, the services of the Monte de Piedad are increasingly used by large sectors of society and by customers who may be considered “financially excluded” because of their inability, in practice, to access a quick and cheap loan http://www.vigrxwebs.com/managing-workload-through-task-management-mobile-applications/ at another financial institution. applies higher interests, “said the director of the Monte de Piedad in Seville.

In this sense, the director of the Monte de Piedad de Cajasol indicated that many people who are engaged in it are intended to let the loan expire, whose period is one year – although with the possibility of renewing two times in succession in future maturities -, and leave after three months after said expiration, go public auction your jewelry.

Thus, when the guarantees are sold in an auction, the amount of mercy is charged with the said sale “only the amount of the debt that the client has contracted with the entity, and the difference between said debt and the amount of the sale. -normally superior- is delivered to the client once the loan is settled “. For this reason, as was assured from the mountain of Unicaja, to have an incentive in the auction, the garments that are currently pledged -give or leave in pledge- “are practically jewels and valuables”.

In the same way, this “sale” system is much more profitable for clients than other methods for acquiring funds, since they have available the loan capital, plus what has been left over from the sale of the loan. the guarantees in the auction. Something positive is added to the “agility and immediacy that this type of operation implies to cover any urgent treasury need,” said Unicaja sources.

In fact, according to the director of the Monte de Piedad in Granada, many people, from the first moment they come to do their best, decide that “they will keep the rest after the auction because they want to get rid of their belongings”, although only five percent of the pawns go to auction, half a point more than in 2008.

On the other hand, in some cases, customers of the mountain of piety make use of this to preserve their jewelry in a “safe place”, an end that is not “proper” of said entity; this user contemplates this act with the objective that the mount of piety act as “safe”.

Surprises in the appraisal

Surprises in the appraisal


On several occasions there are “surprises” for the client in the appraisal of the jewelry that leads to pawning, something that happens with goods that contain precious stones, and is that “this market is subject to more variations than pure gold”, and specifically, for a while, the price of the bright “is not at its best,” said Caballero.

For his part, the director of the Monte de Piedad de Cajasol indicated that “logically there are enough clients who comment that the amount that is granted to them is low compared to what they have paid for their jewelry”, however, we must take into account that the mountain “value exclusively the material that makes up the jewels, and only in exceptional cases – prestigious marks, unique styles or valuation of exclusivity – that value is increased by the characteristics of the piece offered as a guarantee”.